Heavy Duty, Reliable, 500lb Actuators Do The Work Your Hands (And Sometimes Feet) Used To Do.

Case Installation Instructions

*Attaching pins must move freely in their bores. Address this before continuing. Pins must move easily with hand pressure.

  • Remove 1/2 inch nut from rod above trunnion.
  • Remove trunnion from rod and discard.
  • Install new trunnion, pass rod through hole.
  • Secure with 1/2 inch nut. (1/4 inch of thread showing on top of nut).
  • Repeat for other side.

  • Install cotter pin in trunnion hole near bucket side.
  • Slide cam tube over trunnion.
  • Secure with cotter pin.
  • Grease the zerk on cam tube.
  • Repeat for other side.

  • Attach activator with 1/2 inch bolts and locknuts (Actuator rod can be turned to extend or retract, aiding installation without powering it).

  • Connect power cable (red) with fuse to battery, battery terminal of starter or jump stud.
  • Connect negative cable (black) to frame or engine ground.
  • Mount switch using supplied plate or use blank cavity in panel.
  • Secure boom cable to boom with cable ties.
  • Carefully route cable along boom avoiding possible pinch areas. Following aux hydraulic lines and hoses often works well.
** Always check for secured attachment**