Heavy Duty, Reliable, 500lb Actuators Do The Work Your Hands (And Sometimes Feet) Used To Do.

* Attaching pins must move freely in their bores. Address this before continuing. Pins must move easily with hand pressure.

  1. Remove 1/2 nut from rod above trunnion, push rod and spring out of trunnion.
  2. Align cam ears with trunnion bore, insert trunnion
  3. Place washer on top of spring, feed threaded rod thru trunnion .
  4. Block attachment  pin up ( this will aid in compressing spring)
  5. Compress spring using manual lever, thread thin walled nut onto rod approx one inch
  6. Release manual lever so nut is held captive between cam ears. Remove block from beneath attachment pin area.
  7. Install actuator into cam bores. Operate manual levers to aid installation of actuator. Fasten with 1/2 bolts and nut
  8. As viewed from front, remove left manual lever and replace with bushing and bolt. ( lever is removed to avoid contacting actuator).
  9. Connect power cable (red) with fuse to battery, battery terminal of stater or jump stud. Connect negative cable (black) to battery ground or frame.
  10. Mount switch using supplied plate or blank cavity in panel. Carefully route cable along boom avoiding possible pinch areas. Secure with supplied cable ties. Following aux hydraulic lines and hoses often works well.

          ** Always check for secured attachment **